24 June 2019
Khupe cancels Byo congress as Chamisa visits
British Airways rejects London-Hre route plea
First post Mugabe poll credibility on line
Caught with guns soon after jail pardon
Man vanishes with Chinese woman’s $2m
Magaya rape trial starts at High Court
South African icon Winnie Mandela dies
Government exposes Grace Mugabe lies
Envoy: Free poll to spur German investors
Command maize not looted: millers audit
Ruvheneko threatened with 6-month arrest
Zim Achievers to honour Hugh Masekela
Coach: Messi must win WC to equal Maradona
Bosso hand hosts Dembare third defeat
MDC-T does succession the Zanu PF way
Zimbabwe 2018 polls: Will age be a factor?
In pursuit of peaceful, credible elections
Churches repeat political partisanship evil

Most Recent PollsDate
Should Harare Airport be renamed after Mugabe? 2017/10/14 2:46:09 PM
Is ZIFA right to abandon Mighty Warriors? 2016/08/18 10:59:31 AM
Is Pastor Mawarire right to run away from a struggle he started? 2016/08/18 10:58:45 AM
Is Pastor Mawarire right to run away from a struggle he started? 2016/08/18 10:43:46 AM
Should Telecel be sacrificed for political gains? 2015/05/03 2:26:38 PM
Is Mugabe right on Kalangas? 2015/05/02 10:11:25 AM
Is Zuma right on why other Africans are in SA? 2015/04/28 5:34:36 PM
Was Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini misinterpreted? 2015/04/21 7:26:26 AM
Would Zimbabwe be better off without Mugabe? 2015/04/21 7:16:48 AM
Would Zimbabwe be better off without Mugabe? 2015/04/21 7:14:33 AM
Was Shepherd Mutamba right to tell all about Tuku without permission? 2015/04/20 2:06:18 AM
Is Zimbabwe a failed state? 2015/04/20 2:03:37 AM
Do civil servants deserve bonuses? 2015/04/20 2:02:29 AM
Was Mugabe right to publicly rebuke Chinamasa over bonuses? 2015/04/20 2:01:29 AM
Should the MDC-T contest June 10 by-elections? 2015/04/15 3:02:48 AM
Should the MDC-T contest June 10 by-elections? 2015/04/08 10:05:13 PM
Is Edmund Kudzayi just a victim of ZANU PF in-fighting? 2014/06/22 3:09:54 AM
Is MDC-T split imminent? 2014/04/06 2:31:22 AM
Is MDC-T split imminent? 2014/04/06 2:30:58 AM
Is ZIFA going into farming a good idea? 2014/04/06 2:29:55 AM
Would you vote Biti to be Zimbabwe's next President? 2014/03/22 6:02:07 AM
Would you advise Biti to start a new political party? 2014/03/20 1:12:33 PM
Is Mugabe losing plot on tackling corruption? 2014/03/14 4:45:25 PM
Does MDC-T stand to benefit from Sikhala return? 2014/03/13 5:19:10 PM
Does Biti have enough grassroots support to start a new party? 2014/03/12 4:17:39 AM
Do you believe MDC is heading for a split again? 2014/03/05 12:53:02 PM
Are Sanctions outcry just an excuse to plunder the economy? 2014/03/04 6:03:19 AM
Food, school fees aid appeals; is it right to blow $6m in presidential partying in 2 weeks? 2014/03/01 11:56:22 PM
Is ZIFA fit for purpose? 2014/02/27 6:31:24 AM
Is it right for Biti to represent Gono? 2014/02/27 6:30:32 AM
Is it right for Mwonzora to represent Mangoma attackers? 2014/02/27 6:29:11 AM
Is Mugabe condoning corruption by his silence? 2014/02/24 10:06:53 AM
At 90 isn't high time President Mugabe retires gracefully? 2014/02/22 1:57:02 PM
$1mln blown on Bob90 party, does that make sense? 2014/02/20 10:01:46 AM
Does VP Mujuru have what it takes to be President? 2014/02/19 6:54:52 AM
Is Tsvangirai likely to be a worse dictator? 2014/02/19 6:48:11 AM
Is Tsvangirai likely to be a worse dictator? 2014/02/19 6:47:39 AM
Is Tsvangirai likely to be a worse dictator? 2014/02/19 6:41:47 AM
Do You Think Mugabe Still Has Capacity To Comprehend National Issues? 2014/02/07 7:02:35 AM
HK Property - are Mugabes telling the whole truth? 2014/02/04 4:46:34 PM
Should Chombo re-instate the $37k pm Harare Town Clerk? 2014/02/04 7:51:17 AM
Should Chombo re-instate the $37k pm Harare Town Clerk? 2014/02/04 7:48:08 AM
Should MDC leadership renewal be about Tsvangirai only? 2014/01/27 11:40:39 PM
Should PSMAS bosses be arrested? 2014/01/27 5:50:17 AM
Is MDC Polls Challenge In Supreme Court Worth It? 2014/01/23 1:15:03 PM
Should Tsvangirai quit as MDC leader? 2013/09/12 11:31:43 PM
Is election result reflection of will of Zimbabweans? 2013/08/14 2:10:16 AM
Will Mugabe be in power after next elections? 2013/04/23 6:20:34 PM
Have you read the draft constitution? 2013/02/09 7:10:21 PM
Should sports selectors have played for country? 2013/01/13 5:28:29 AM
Should Tsvangirai resign if he loses in 2013? 2012/12/02 5:37:14 AM
Should Zim hold elections in March 2013? 2012/10/23 7:15:50 AM
Can Zim qualify for 2013 Nations Cup finals? 2012/09/26 6:46:54 AM
Is Zimbabwe right to indigenise foreign banks? 2012/06/30 3:56:48 AM
Should condoms be distributed in schools? 2012/05/17 3:13:02 AM
Has marriage farce damaged Tsvangirai? 2012/04/24 10:08:35 AM
Do beauty pageants have a place in this age? 2012/03/23 3:33:33 PM
Would you like tighter controls on Nigerian immigrants? 2012/03/19 7:56:29 AM
Should tax payers fund Miss Zimbabwe ceremony? 2012/02/22 9:01:57 AM
Are public sector union strikes justified? 2012/01/31 7:21:14 PM
Should constitution guarantee gay rights? 2011/11/01 6:54:30 AM
Should presidential candidates have a degree? 2011/09/19 5:27:37 PM
Will Musona be a success in Germany? 2011/08/18 11:35:19 PM
Was Solomon Mujuru's death an accident? 2011/08/18 11:34:34 PM
Should ZIFA ban players involved in match fixing? 2011/07/06 8:07:18 PM
Will Zimbabwe qualify for Nations Cup finals? 2011/06/07 3:05:10 AM
Should Mthwakazi Liberation Front be banned? 2011/05/04 2:54:06 PM
Should Zimbabwe hold elections in 2011? 2011/04/08 9:59:11 PM
Is Mapeza right appointment for Warriors? 2011/03/15 7:52:54 PM
Is Kimberley Process right to stop Marange diamond sales? 2011/03/15 7:52:34 PM
Should New Zimbabwe discontinue Manheru column? 2011/03/15 7:51:58 PM
Should Lovemore Majaivana come out of retirement? 2011/03/15 7:51:23 PM
Should MDC pull out of unity government? 2011/03/15 7:50:49 PM
Should Tsvangirai be arrested for contempt of court? 2011/03/15 7:50:26 PM
Is Egypt-style uprising possible in Zimbabwe? 2011/02/25 11:11:51 PM
Should Madinda Ndlovu be involved with Warriors? 2011/02/16 2:01:46 AM
Is MDC right to recall Arthur Mutambara? 2011/01/24 4:13:33 AM
Should Peter Ndlovu come out of retirement? 2011/01/05 6:45:33 AM
Can Gamu land Christmas number 1? 2010/12/17 3:48:59 PM
Has Tsvangirai been damaged by WikiLeaks cables? 2010/12/17 3:48:27 PM
Do you support WikiLeaks? 2010/12/08 5:34:38 AM
Should prisoners contribute to constitution? 2010/11/17 4:35:21 AM
Should Zimbabwe hold elections in 2011? 2010/11/04 2:50:41 AM
Was Big Brother Africa fixed? 2010/10/20 4:35:19 PM
Do you believe Gamu faces 'firing squad'? 2010/10/10 11:10:08 PM
Was ZC right to forfeit Scotland match? 2010/10/01 11:25:16 AM
Should HIV testing be compulsory? 2010/09/23 9:46:44 AM
Should Mapeza be given Warriors job? 2010/09/06 11:15:31 PM
Should Gibson Sibanda be declared national hero? 2010/08/25 12:25:19 AM
Do you support a ban on second hand car imports? 2010/08/17 6:50:19 PM
Should same-sex schools be banned? 2010/08/03 9:40:38 PM
Can Zimbabwe hold a free and fair election in 2011? 2010/07/26 5:57:05 PM
Should Zimbabwe snub KP and sell Chiadzwa diamonds? 2010/07/15 11:24:26 AM
Is government right to inherit RBZ debts? 2010/06/28 9:13:55 AM
Was Zim right to pay $1m to host Brazil? 2010/06/03 8:40:03 AM
Was Roy Bennett right pick for Agriculture Ministry? 2010/05/14 2:31:02 AM
Should celebrities take public HIV tests? 2010/05/12 9:19:42 PM
Should Biti challenge Tsvangirai at MDC congress? 2010/04/23 7:19:33 PM
Can Peter Ndlovu make a good coach? 2010/04/13 6:14:17 PM
Should death penalty be abolished? 2010/04/07 10:56:16 PM
Is Malema responsible for Terreblanche murder? 2010/04/07 1:55:56 PM
Do you support New Zealand's pull-out from Zim tour? 2010/03/25 3:07:54 PM
Should new constitution protect gays? 2010/03/20 3:53:41 PM
Have you read Indigenisation regulations? 2010/03/19 7:50:07 PM
Can Zimbabwe team win Africa honours? 2010/03/19 7:49:03 PM
Can Zuma resolve Zimbabwe impasse? 2010/03/19 7:48:33 PM
Should Oliver Mtukudzi cancel UK tour? 2010/03/19 7:48:00 PM
Is BCC wrong to buy mayor new car? 2010/03/12 6:41:42 PM
Is Cont Mhlanga right that Byo is 'city of drunkards'? 2010/03/01 5:50:05 PM
Is Butcher right pick for cricket coach? 2010/02/23 8:22:37 AM
Is Zim right to set company share quota? 2010/02/11 8:18:05 PM
Should Zimbabwe free Botswana rangers? 2010/02/08 10:21:01 AM
Should polygamy be banned? 2009/12/29 12:44:51 AM
Should diaspora Zimbabweans pay tax? 2009/12/21 11:25:44 AM
Is Ramson Zhuwayo right pick for Soccer Star? 2009/12/18 9:49:45 PM
Does Zimbabwe need 2 vice presidents? 2009/12/14 9:24:57 PM
Should foreign radio broadcasts be stopped? 2009/12/08 2:36:20 PM
Is Mapfumo's life in danger in Zimbabwe? 2009/12/08 2:35:19 PM
Should Botswana stop VOA broadcasts? 2009/12/06 10:22:06 PM
Should Zimbabwe rejoin the Commonwealth? 2009/11/26 2:48:26 AM
Are Gunners worthy champions? 2009/11/23 10:52:20 AM
Should Dynamos sack Chiweshe? 2009/11/23 10:52:03 AM
Should Mtawarira play for Springboks? 2009/11/13 7:46:24 PM
Should ZIFA renew Chidzambwa's contract? 2009/11/05 3:21:34 PM
Should MDC pull-out completely from GNU? 2009/10/19 2:40:44 PM
Should new elections be called? 2009/10/19 2:39:46 PM
Do you support partial MDC pull-out? 2009/10/16 3:13:33 PM
Will Mapfumo turn up for UK gig with Mtukudzi? 2009/10/12 5:54:33 AM
Should Tsvangirai win Nobel Peace Prize? 2009/10/08 12:02:26 PM
Is Switzerland right to let Mugabe attend conference? 2009/10/08 12:01:59 PM
Should Zimbabwe legalise polygamy? 2009/09/29 6:45:36 PM
Does Zimbabwe need chiefs? 2009/09/22 2:03:16 PM
Was government right to take over Meikles? 2009/09/21 4:43:30 AM
Are western sanctions on Zim still justifiable? 2009/09/11 9:09:40 PM
Should circumcision be tried in HIV fight? 2009/09/07 4:49:12 AM
Is Zimbabwe right to bid for 2014 Nations Cup? 2009/09/04 3:10:52 AM
Is the construction of a new parliament a priority? 2009/08/28 1:28:50 PM
Is the government right to spend $1 million on COSAFA? 2009/08/25 3:21:24 PM
Were the guards complicit in Mushonga prisoner escape? 2009/08/25 3:20:59 PM
Do you think Caster Semenya is a man? 2009/08/20 2:19:33 PM
Is tribe a factor when voting for President? 2009/08/19 4:35:05 PM
Should Heroes Acre be closed? 2009/08/18 4:04:43 AM
Can Dynamos win league without Malajila? 2009/08/18 4:02:46 AM
Should government bring back Zim dollar? 2009/08/18 4:00:53 AM
Should soldiers salute Tsvangirai? 2009/08/12 5:40:40 PM
Is Joseph Msika a national hero? 2009/08/07 6:57:31 PM
Can Daily News reach popularity levels of the past? 2009/07/31 6:23:38 PM
Is the BBC's coverage of Zimbabwe 'balanced'? 2009/07/31 6:22:45 PM
Do you think Thamsanqa Mahlangu stole phone? 2009/07/29 2:18:10 PM
Is Senator Mlotshwa right over condom advert? 2009/07/27 2:53:51 PM
Did you volunteer on Mandela Day? 2009/07/24 11:49:08 AM
Should Mawere be given his companies? 2009/07/24 11:48:31 AM
Should Highway be awarded abandoned game with Monomotapa? 2009/07/24 11:47:12 AM
Was MDC-M right to expel 3 MPs? 2009/07/24 11:46:26 AM
Should parliament be in charge of constitutional reform? 2009/07/24 11:45:57 AM
Was police officer right to address Malinga in Shona? 2009/07/16 9:09:50 PM
Should ZIFA executive quit over Malaysia scandal? 2009/07/15 2:10:53 PM
Can Gunners win the league title? 2009/07/14 4:11:15 AM
Will Zimbabwe have new constitution in 12 months? 2009/07/14 4:10:29 AM
Is Makosi unfairly targeted for criticism? 2009/07/12 5:08:53 PM
Should the UK compensate farmers? 2009/07/09 9:54:56 PM
Should Herald ban Manheru column? 2009/07/07 1:29:34 PM
Are you happy with Tsvangirai's performance in GNU? 2009/07/07 1:29:11 PM
Were Tsvangirai's hecklers motivated by asylum? 2009/07/02 2:45:00 AM
Is China a true friend of Zimbabwe? 2009/07/01 1:43:12 AM
Was MDC right to boycott cabinet meeting? 2009/06/30 1:19:47 AM
Is the Prime Minister right to call on exiles to return home? 2009/06/22 1:50:55 PM
Was Prime Minister's overseas trip a success? 2009/06/17 11:59:27 AM
Was Obama right to bar Muzembi? 2009/06/15 2:05:55 PM
Is Lloyd Mutasa right man for Shooting Stars? 2009/06/11 4:01:05 AM
Is Dr Chihombori right to move into farm? 2009/06/11 2:49:35 AM
Should the West lift sanctions against Zimbabwe? 2009/06/09 4:23:36 PM
Is Zimbabwe right to host Beshir? 2009/06/07 10:56:56 AM
Do you believe in witchcraft? 2009/06/05 8:56:49 AM
Has Tsvangirai impressed you in first 100 days? 2009/06/03 3:04:02 AM
Do you like our Radio Page? 2009/05/29 5:19:18 AM
Would you invest in Zimbabwe today? 2009/05/29 5:17:37 AM
Do you support devolution in new constitution? 2009/05/29 5:16:14 AM
Has Peter's maintenance row dented his image? 2009/05/29 5:15:18 AM
Are you hopeful for Zimbabwe's future? 2009/05/29 5:13:02 AM
Should HIV positive people be branded? 2009/05/29 5:11:48 AM
Do you think Monomotapa are out of title race? 2009/05/29 5:10:25 AM
Do you like our new website? 2009/03/30 3:09:56 AM
Is Sunday Chidzamba best man to lead Zimbabwe? 2009/03/02 4:35:53 PM
Is Sunday Chidzambwa best man for Warriors job? 2009/03/02 4:34:11 PM
Are you hopeful things will improve in Zimbabwe? 2009/03/02 4:24:38 PM
WILL UNITY GOVERNMENT WORK? 2009/02/13 11:26:04 AM
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